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Big Boy Toys ONLY stock electric products, no gas or diesel.

No – our products are geared for grown-ups.  We do not recommend any to be used by individuals under 16 years without parental supervision. The slowest vehicle we offer has a top speed of 35 miles/hour – far beyond the safe management of children.

All of our RC products, drone and scooter listed in our on-line store are in stock and can be purchased directly here on our website or through www.shopcaymanislands.com.

No – you do not need any type of driver’s license nor does the electric scooter need to be licensed at the DMV as the size of electric engine is below the minimum required size to require licensing.

As the Red Cat Dealer for the Cayman Islands, you can let us know which of Red Cat RC Vehicle you would like to buy and we can provide you with a 

We have a large selection of different voltage and sizes of RC batteries available to replace or upgrade your RC toy.  Contact us directly for new batteries via phone, message or email.

We are happy to repair and sell parts to clients who have purchased RC products or scooters from us.

Big Boy Toys do not rent RC vehicles to individuals – we only sell them. 

We DO offer group parties where we set up a circular track with some jumps and includes up to 4 cars for groups of people to have RC Parties.  Great for corporate fun-days and birthday parties!  Minimum 2 hour rental.  Contact us directly for more details.

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